Whole30 Day 14

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December 18, 2012 by Max

stop“But you will be drinking, won’t you?” a colleague enquires, anxiously.

I am marked as a joyless outsider at this year’s Christmas party. I am not drinking the cocktails proffered by numerous waiters in colourful wigs, nor am I taking advantage of the butternut squash risotto canapes, the sushi or the tiny bowls of salmon something. Instead, I am the person who decided to do a Whole30 in December and is sipping a tall glass of iced water. Idiot.

As everyone around me gets progressively drunker and drunker, I become more and more bored. Nobody can hear anybody else over the thumping music; everyone else is flushed with alcohol, glassy-eyed and having a great time. I am sober and fed up.

Earlier on, in the office Secret Santa, I got two jars of salted caramel chocolate covered popcorn. It looked amazing. I didn’t trust myself not to scarf the whole lot down, so I gave it away to my work colleagues, who devoured it within seconds.

Christmas is not the season to be doing a Whole30. Still, it has been two weeks. I’ve put a lot of effort into this. It is not time to quit yet.


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