Whole30 Day 13


December 17, 2012 by Max

paul christmasToday I am a sugar monster. As in all I want is sugar. And I’m cranky because I can’t have it.

11am saw me sitting at my desk practically drooling over the thought of a Paul orange hot chocolate with a stack of mini star-shaped waffles, dusted in icing sugar and dipped in dark chocolate.

I ate some salmon cakes and asparagus. (Gloomily, and slightly sulkily.)

By 2pm, I was dreaming of sugar-coated nuts and chocolate bars.

I drank some peppermint tea and ate a chocolate orange Nakd fruit bar in frustration, swearing a little bit inside my head.

When 5pm finally rolled around, I was feeling battered. I haven’t been this obsessed with something since I fell in love for the first time. I have been fantasising about sugary goodness all day. I do not like today. Mental battles are hard.

Part of me is proud I’m resisting and sticking to my Whole30 plan. A BIG part of me is wondering exactly why this is so hard, and could the mad sugar cravings stop now please?


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 13

  1. Robin says:

    I went through something similar on my Whole30 (I finished December 5th – yay!). I found if I did not have a fat (like avocado or olive/coconut etc oil and a carb (like a yam or butternut squash) with my protein and veggies I had those cravings. They are the worst! Keep going though. It is totally worth it!

    • Max says:

      Robin, that’s great advice, thanks! I’ll try upping my butternut squash uptake at lunch – I usually manage to get avocado in then, too!

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