Whole30 Day 6

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December 10, 2012 by Max

eggsMorning: Breakfast is proving troublesome. I am bored of eggs. Whatever I eat, I get hungry again 90 minutes later. I am eating SO MUCH FOOD.

Midday: I am bored. I purchase Well Fed on a bit of a whim, reasoning I need some recipe inspiration.

Evening: I am an ardent Well Fed admirer. I whip up three recipes as soon as I get home from work. I am a (not very) secret mayonnaise addict, so mayo is first up. It turns out…practically perfectly. I grin like a wild thing, and run into the living room to show my housemate (who is a chef) my perfect mayo. He exclaims over how fresh it tastes. I glow with the pride of a tricky task well done. (A little of the glow might be the olive oil I smeared everywhere in the mayo making process.) Back to the kitchen and I roast some cumin carrots. Then I get stuck into smooshing up some turkey mince with spices to make scotch eggs. I tell myself it’s vegetables and now raw meat. If it were raw meat, I might freak out. I make it through the smooshing part.

What feels like AGES later: My handmade ground turkey scotch eggs are THE BEST SCOTCH EGGS IN THE WORLD. I have no idea how salt, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon can make turkey taste quite so phenomenal, but they do. The carrots are also delicious, and I dip a couple into my homemade mayo and enjoy.

This Whole30 thing is OK.


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