Whole30 Days 4 & 5

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December 9, 2012 by Max


AKA Sugar Cravings: Things I wanted to eat this weekend (but didn’t).

Pretty pink macarons from Laduree

Practically everything in Fortnum and Mason (soft, puffy, pastel-coloured marshmallows; giant slabs of crumbly fudge; chocolate dipped florentines; crunchy, nutty dark chocolate and macadamia cookies; strawberry and champagne preserve)

Maple coated brazil nuts (a Christmas gift for my mum – absolutely incredible)

Paul hot chocolate (the best hot chocolate in London, by the way; their festive orange hot chocolate is especially delicious)

Cheese on toast (my housemates have been gorging on it all weekend. I was jealous)

Things I actually ate:

Tons of vegetables, fresh salmon, a surprisingly luscious tuna steak, lots of roasted butternut squash (roasted so long it starts caramelising -even sweeter!), eggs, fruit, macadamia nuts.

The sweet cravings have been kicking in hard this weekend – particularly for sweet drinks. I haven’t been dehydrated, but I do keep wanting something sweet to drink. I’m guessing that’s because my usual way of hydrating is with fizzy flavoured water which contains artifical sweeteners. Drinking mineral water is booooooring by comparison but necessary. (But strawberry milkshakes, how I miss you! If I whipped up starwberries with coconut milk, do you think it would work?)

In the end, the sugar cravings were defeated and. I satisfied tonight with fragrant golden chunks of sweet and juicy pineapple. I am so grateful for pineapple.

Me:1, sugar: 0.


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