Whole30 Day 3

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December 7, 2012 by Max

6:30pm: Wake up, slightly grudgingly. Stumble downstairs to taste last night’s slow cooker beef stew. Stew tastes…not good. The beef is not good. I glare at the slow cooker to indicate that I am NOT IMPRESSED before grabbing two boiled eggs, an avocado, some cherry tomatoes and a persimmon to take into work.

8:30am: Trying to find roasted, salted macadmias in Sainsbury’s. I am hungry and grumpy. I walk round the entire store. Twice. Where the hell do Sainsbury’s keep their roasted salted  nuts? Why are they making this so hard for me? I JUST WANT SOME WHOLE30 APPROVED MACADAMIAS!

8:33am: Apparently all roasted, salted nuts in supermarkets have vegetable oil in them. I can’t decide if I should throw a tantrum right there on the supermarket floor or burst into tears of frustration. In the end, I settle for stamping out of the store muttering under my breath.

9:00am: Work colleagues look a little perplexed at my bowl of chopped boiled egg, tomato and avocado for breakfast. It’s a big bowl. I eat the whole lot, and feel full. I also feel grateful for tasty avocados.

10:30am: I am HUNGRY. Again. And it’s HOURS til lunch. I am feeling grumpier by the minute.

1pm: Cheered up by lunch with friend. I virtuously order a salad with steak strips, asking the waitress to omit the black beans and the spelt it is supposed to come with, so it’s Whole30. I practically dive headfirst into the tortilla chip bowl it’s served in (except of course I can’t eat tortilla chips) and realise halfway through the leaves have some kind of non-Whole30 dressing on them. Sh*t.

2pm: Decide I will forgive the non-Whole30 dressing. I am not starting from day 1 all over again because of a tiny bit of spicy dressing. Everything else has been perfect! I am doing so well!

4pm: A colleague reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out several Chocolate Oranges. My eyes widen, and my mouth starts watering so much it’s like someone turned a tap on in there. When he offers me one, I make longing puppy dog eyes, and feeling very sorry for myself, mumble ” ‘m onna detox.” I am proud! I resisted temptation!

4:01pm: Resisting tempation sucks. I sulk at my desk.

4:05pm: A persimmon! On my desk! Sweet orange goodness! This is like the Whole30 version of a chocolate orange! I slice it up (much like a chocolate orange) and tuck in. Once I’m halfway through it, I decide resisting temptation is actually AWESOME and persimmons rock.

7:00pm: FINALLY. Dinner. Roasted butternut squash and a massive piece of salmon. It was as big as my FACE. I ate it all. Yum.

Day 3. Nailed it.


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