Whole30 Day 2

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December 6, 2012 by Max

today7am: Woke up during night. Felt dehydrated. Ugh. Managed to roll out of bed after only two reps of the alarm clock (instead of my normal three) although this may have been due to the fact my boyfriend stayed over and he gets cranky if I let the alarm reminder go off too many times. Still counting it as a win, though.

9am: I can say with all honesty that I didn’t feel amazing this morning (standard for me these days), but I did perk up after a hot shower and leftover sausage and sweet potato hash for breakfast, accompanied by a cup of lemon and ginger tea. I am feeling calmer and less anxious than normal, which is a definite positive.

12pm: Urrrgh. Mildly headachey all morning. Mild period pain. Feel uncomfortable and a bit miserable/sorry for myself. Thrown into a panic when a friend wanted to go for lunch tomorrow until I figured out I could customise the one salad offering they have on the menu to be basically veg, avocado and steak. Easy peasy. I can totally do this.

7pm: Today is officially a day of hungerrrrrr. I have been eating ALL DAY and yet I feel like I’ve been hungry all day. Usually I feel stuffed with food all day, so this is a bit of a turn around. I feel cranky. Ate a massive bowl of chicken stew (adapted from this recipe) while chopping veg for a huge beef stew to go in the slow cooker. Soaked in hot bath with this marvellous Lush bath ballistic. Came out smiling and smelling divine. Hot baths and a good book rock.


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