Whole30 Day 1

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December 5, 2012 by Max

yesterday todayI felt terrified last night as I went round the supermarket shopping; there’s just so much in there I can’t buy! (EVERYTHING has a ton of additives in. Even chicken slices. Who knew?!) What if I fail? I binge EVERY DAY, I eat chocolate every day, I usually stick to diets for two days and then cave BIG TIME. What if I can’t do this?? Can you sense the panic setting in?

Giving myself a mental shake and telling myself that if so many others can successfully complete a Whole30,  there’s no way I can’t do it, I shopped for Whole30 foods and spent a happy hour cooking for tomorrow. I picked up my favourite macadamia nuts for snacks in case I get desperately hungry, and bought a couple of avocados to add to meals as necessary. Yum! Maybe this won’t be so bad…

On today’s menu are a breakfast omelette (adapted from this recipe here) and a sausage and sweet potato hash, which can be found here.

Sticking to my Whole30 was easier than I thought it would be; the food preparation is definitely a must-do and is what made it easy to stick to. I ate when I got hungry, and stopped when I felt full. Simples. When I got hit with some massive stress at work towards the end of the day, instead of diving into a big bag of chocolate (which is exactly what I usually do) I tucked into the remainder of my breakfast omelette with half a sliced avocado. I didn’t feel hungry enough to eat dinner, although I did get super hungry at bedtime and regretted missing out earlier. Hopefully this just means I will wake up nice and hungry tomorrow! I’m proud of myself for drinking still tap water all day, too; my usual drinks are fizzy flavoured water, with sweeteners and additives. I usually tell myself they’re not that bad (I mean, it’s still water, right?), but still – for these 30 days, they’re out.


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