It Starts With Food

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December 4, 2012 by Max

I’m unhappy, overweight, can’t stop eating, unfit and feeling very unhealthy. When there’s so much to deal with, where do you start?

I’ve started by reading It Starts With Food. (Which I recommend, by the way – Melissa and Dallas really know their stuff, and the testimonials from people who have done the Whole30 have to be read to be believed.)


I ate Paleo for almost two months last year. The way I remember it, I got bored of  what I was eating and basically wanted to indulge in all the sugary treats I love so much. Actually, when I look back at my diary from my Paleo days, I find that I lost weight, gained more energy, had clearer skin, de-bloated, slept better and felt pretty awesome. Huh. Those are some pretty compelling diary entries!

I’m familiar with the Whole30 already from my Paleo stint last year, but found the thought of a full 30 day clean eating program too intimidating – no sweeteners (not even honey or Stevia), no processed food, no dairy, no grains, no legumes. Wow.  However, from reviews on their site of people who have done the Whole30, it seems Melissa and Dallas are really onto something.

The more I read of ISWF, the more compelled I feel to do this. RIGHT NOW. (I was going to start today, but after I got off the train to work the lure of Starbucks right opposite the office proved too much for me and I had a huge Frosted Mint hot chocolate topped with whipped cream for breakfast. I’ve conceded I may need some time to prep myself for this.)

I’m aware this will be massively challenging (processed foods with buckets of sugar, salt and delicious taste-enhancing additives are practically all I eat these days, and the only green stuff in my diet are the green gummy sweets in Haribo packets) but I feel so strongly that this is something I need to do, I fiercely want to complete it.

My Whole30 aims:

– Stick to it, for the Whole 30 days!

– Sleep through the night instead of waking up at 1am or 3am, wake up easily (not hitting snooze three times to get an extra 15 mins in bed)

– Feel more positive. I notice that when I eat foods that are heavily processed, like the McD breakfast wraps my tastebuds love, I feel bad afterwards – kind of down, like I’ve failed for the day, a bit weighed down physically like the food is heavy in my stomach. I want to feel less like that and more like ‘Woohoo! Morning! Let’s go for a run!’.

– Enjoy food without bingeing. Most days (almost every day, in fact) I stuff myself all day long and by the evening I am so full of food I feel sick and sometimes I’m actually in pain from being so stuffed full. I feel like I’ve lost the ability to actually enjoy food without shovelling it in as fast as I can in huge quantities.

– Reconnect with my body and quit emotional eating. For the last 18 months, I have been wilfully ignoring my body’s messages and binge eating on sugary, salty, fatty, fake foods that make me feel good at the same time as they bring me down and make me hate myself. I want to reconnect with my body, listen to its messages and take action appropriately. I need to show myself some love and affection!

– Get my body ‘working’ again. For the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a strong feeling that my digestive system has practically ground to a halt. I feel like food stays in my stomach for ages, takes a long time to work its way through my body, and I never hear my stomach grumbling any more (like it’s letting me know it’s done processing food, is empty and would like some more, please.) I feel a bit worried about that, and want my digestion to start working again!

So, those are my goals. I’ve surprised myself that weight loss isn’t up there. What I really want is to feel HEALTHY. I want to feel fit and strong. I can’t get all the way to where I want to be in 30 days, but I can make real progress and maybe hit all the goals I’ve outlined above. I’m tired of feeling bad; I want to feel good again.







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